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Rummy Meetha :- ( convert into teen patti master .io ) This application has been launched 1 or 2 weeks back. And the funny thing is that you will enjoy earning money in this application.

You will get a signup bonus of ₹41 in the application. Bonus guys you can use to play any game Dragon Vs Tiger and inside all games. So this application is so percent trusted and genuine application. You will not find much program in this app. Because Friends is not a multiplayer game nor is it a casino game. It’s a very simple game. In which you can earn money by referring.

Friends, like all applications, this application is also good. How to download Rummy Meetha Apk and how to earn money, you will get all that information in this article. To download this app, you must read the below paragraph. If friends you want to earn money from Rummy or Teen Patti app then friends you can earn more money from this app too. But friends, to earn money, you need to have skill, talent and understanding. Friends, read this article completely so that you can get all the information about this app.

How To Download Rummy Meetha Apk

Friends if you want to earn real money from this application. You must download this application. If you do not download this application, then you will not be able to earn money. To download Rummy Meetha Apk, click on the popup download button below. You will find some more information below.

  • Click on the Download button.
  • By clicking on the button, the official page of Meetha Rummy will open in front of you.
  • There you will find the download button, click on it.
  • Then your Meetha Rummy apk would have been downloaded inside your chrome browser.
  • Then you have to install it from there.

How to register in Rummy Meetha

Registering in this app is not a big deal guys. All you have to do is follow some steps below. If you follow them then you can easily create your account in this sweet rummy.

  • Download and open the app.
  • Choose mobile number or guest account.
  • Click on mobile number and enter your mobile number and then an OTP.
  • Now your Rummy Meetha account has been created.

How do we add our money in Meetha Rummy

  • Download Sweet Rummy APK and Open it.
  • and create your account.
  • Now click on the Addcash button.
  • You have to choose the amount that you want to add.
  • You can add minimum ₹100 adcash.
  • As soon as you click on the amount, you will be redacted in any of your bank accounts.
  • Pay as much amount as you liked.
  • Friends, the amount of money you had added at the instant of installation will be added inside your game account.

How many games are available in Rummy Meetha

Friends this is a bit new so in this application you will get to play only 7 games. But friends, as the game continues to be updated, games etc. will also keep coming in this app. You can see the list below which games are there in this app.

  • Rummy
  • Teen Patti
  • red vs black
  • Birds Vs Animals
  • And spring
  • dragon vs tiger
  • 7 Up Down

How we play Dragon Vs Tiger game in Meetha Rummy

  • Bat :- ₹1
  • Bat :- ₹3
  • Bat :- ₹7
  • Bat :- ₹20

If friends, you have lost a lot of money inside many applications. And now friends you have to recover your money. All of you can easily recover your money in this application. Inside the second game, now you can play any game from ₹10 but friends in Meetha Rummy APK you can play all the games from ₹1 as well. You can see our screenshot above where we played the Dragon Vs Tiger game. You friends have to add ₹ 1000 in this application.

You have to bet ₹1 on Tiger. If you lose ₹1, you have to invest ₹3. If you play like this, you will win 100% within 5 rounds. Because friends, this trick is very easy and you did not even have to spend much money. That’s why your chances of winning are high. So friends go now and download this application in your mobile phone and recover all that you have lost.


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Refer and Earn in Meetha Rummy App

So friends, you must know that in this application also you will get the option of refer and earn. If it is found in all applications, then it will definitely be found in this application as well. But friends, the most different and the best in this is the refer program. In this you have to refer and earn more money.

  1. Download Sweet Rummy APK and Open it.
  2. Now Click on Refer & Earn Button.
  3. Copy your referral link and share it on your WhatsApp or on Facebook.

Now friends, whatever you refer in this application, you will get three percent commission. You can also share this application with your friends. Or you can refer this application in your WhatsApp group or in your Facebook group or even by making videos in YouTube. There are many ways to refer friends, but friends you should come.

How can we get our money in our bank account in Meetha Rummy

  1. Download the APK and create an account and open it.
  2. Now click on the Cash Out button.
  3. You can take minimum ₹100 in your bank account.
  4. Enter your bank account details.
  5. Now enter ₹100 amount and click on cash out button.
  6. You will get your money within 1 or 2 hours.


Friends Meetha Rummy APK is a great application. In this you will not have to face any problem etc. And you can also take your money instantly. This application is the best. If you want, then definitely share this article with your friends. So that they too can earn money from this Rummy Meetha app. And friends add your money to your Ricks in this application. If you add your money in this application and you lose your money then you will be responsible for it. This application should only be downloaded by people aged 18+. Thank you.


Q.1 :- How much is the Signup Bonus in Meetha Rummy App?
A :- ₹41.

Q.2 :- When has this application been launched?
A :- 1 or 2 days before.

Q.3 :- How much money can we take in our bank account?
A :- ₹100 To ₹10,0000.

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