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Game 3F Rummy
Game 3F
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Game 3F Rummy Friends, another new application has been launched in the market. The name of this application is GAME 3F Rummy. In this application you will get Sing Up Bonus of ₹15. And it has just been launched. And there is a lot of future in this application. And this application is Trusted. Lots of people are downloading this application. When you download this app, you will also enjoy playing it. (Convert into slots mega)

How To Download GAME 3F APK

So friends, to download GAME 3F Rummy APK, click on the red colored download button above. and download the application. It is a very easy process.

How To Create Account In GAME 3F Rummy

Friends, this process is also very easy. So first of all you have to download this application. And as soon as you download this application, then you apply the below process. And create your account.

  • ‌Download GAME 3F APK
  • ‌Bind phone number and fill OTP
  • ‌Your account is now created.

GAME 3F Rummy APK Which Games Can Play

Friends, this is a new application in which you can play many games. From which you can earn a lot of money. Which game you will play in this application, you can check the list below. And you will easily earn money by playing all those games. I am going to tell you further in all that. So read this article completely so that you know everything about this application and you can easily earn money from GAME 3F.

  • ‌Teen Patti
  • ‌joker
  • ‌AK47
  • ‌Dragon Vs Tiger
  • ‌Andar Bahar
  • ‌Baccarat Teen Patti
  • ‌Teen Patti War

Add Cash In GAME 3F APK

Add Cash

As you all know to earn more money. We also have to add money. And if you want to earn money in that way by playing the game. So you have to add money. How you can add your money to the game, I have explained step by step below. So you can add money that way.

  • ‌First of all you download this application.
  • ‌And create an account for the game. After that click on add cash button.
  • ‌Now add as much cash as you want. Choose that amount. You can also add ₹ 100.
  • ‌Then you can also add money from your Paytm, or your Netbanking.
  • Then all the money you added will come in your game account.

Free ₹1000 Reward In GAME 3F Rummy APK

There are too many programs in this application. You can also earn ₹ 1000 from this application for free. No, you have to play the game as soon as you complete some tasks. So ₹ 1000 will be added to your account. And you can take that money in your bank. How will he take it? That will be known after this paragraph of yours.

Download this application. And open it. Then you will be shown ₹ 1000. Click on that. Now I will tell you how you will get ₹ 1000. You have to win 1 round. of any game, and once again you have to play ₹ 100 Teen Patti Game, once again you have to win ₹ 120. Just in any game. Doing this much ₹ 1000 will come in your account. In this way you can earn money from this application.


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GAME 3F Rummy APK 7 Day Daily Reward

Friends, there is another way to earn money in this application. In this application, you get Daily Reward in 7 days very much. You can easily earn ₹ 400 from this application in 7 days. How much bonus will you get daily. You can see that below.

you can see In this application, how much free bonus you are getting in 7 days. And you can also withdraw this bonus. With this application you can Earn 7 Day Me ₹ 427.

1 DAY₹2
2 DAY₹15
3 DAY₹20
4 DAY₹30
5 DAY₹60
6 DAY₹100
7 DAY₹100

Refer And Earn GAME 3F Rummy

  Friends, as you all know that all applications have the option of Refer And Earn, but friends, the system of Refer And Earn in this application is the most different and fun. In all applications you get only bonus. But in this application you will get Task. As if I tell all that. First of all you have to download this application. And after opening it, click on the refer and Earn button.

Refer And Earn

First you will get some amount. Then you have to Speen. First you will get 3 Speen Free. Then if you invite any of your friends. And that friend plays 5 games. So you’ll get a Speen again. By doing this if you do 80 Speen then you will get some amount. You can take that money directly in your bank. Now how will you take your money in the bank. You see that in the next paragraph.

How To Withdraw Money In GAME 3F Rummy APP

Now let’s talk about Withdrawal. You have earned money. Now I will tell you how to get that money in your bank account. You have downloaded the application. Now you have to click on Withdrawal button. Now enter your bank information. Now take as much money as you want. You can take You can make a minimum Withdrawal of ₹ 100. Your money will come to your bank in a few minutes.


So friends, today’s post was very interesting because I told you about a new GAME 3F APP. This application has been launched today only. And it’s a very good application. You must TRY this application once. And comment if you have any problem.


Q.1 :- Does this application give Withdrawal?
A :- yes. This application gives Withdrawal.

Q.2 :- How much is the Sing Up Bonus of this application?
A :- Sing Up Bonus ₹15 of this application.

Q.3 :- Is this application real or fack?
A :- This application is real.

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