Rummy Ares Apk Download|Get 51 bonus Rummy Ares

The size of this application is 45.2 MB, and you get 51 bonuses. Although its size is not much MB, but it has a lot of features. Download Rummy Ares APK. by clicking on download

1) How Can you Download the Rummy ARES Application?

App NameRummy Ares Apk
Signup BonusRs.51
Referral Link/CodeLink
Invitation Code4749299
Referral Bonus30% Commission
Minimum PayoutRs.100
Payout OptionsUPI, Bank Transfer
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Rummy Ares About
  • To download Rummy Ares, click on the download button given below.
  • Friends, as soon as you click on the download button, the download page will open in front of you.
  • So friends, you have to download Rummy Ares from here.
  • And after downloading you have to install Rummy Ares.

2) I will teach you how to Sign up for Rummy ARES APK?

To sign up inside Rummy Ares, first of all you have to open the application,
here the option to sign up with your mobile number will open in front of you.
If this option does not open in front of you then you will have to click on the withdrawal button.

Here you will have to verify your mobile number by entering the password and verification code.So friends, as soon as you complete this process,your account will be successfully created in Rummy Ares application.

3) How Can We Claim our Bonus inside the Rummy ARES Application?

So friends, as soon as you complete the sign up on your mobile inside the Rummy Ares application,
you will get a random sign up bonus of ₹51.And to claim the remaining bonus,
you have to click on seven day checking option,here you will get the sign up bonus as per your choice continuously from the first day to the seventh day.

Daily Bonus Rummy Ares Apk

Friends, you also get daily bonus in this application.

  • day you will get ₹1
  • day you will get ₹2
  • day you will get ₹3
  • day you will get 4₹
  • day you will get ₹5
  • day you will get ₹6
  • day you will get ₹7

4) What games are available in Rummy Ares APK?

Rummy Ares all game list

1) Dragon Tiger Fight
2) Sports
3) Car Roulette
4) Mines
5) 7 up down
6) Zoo Roulette
7) Crash
8) Andar Bahar
9) Roulette
10) Rummy
11) Baccarat
12) Black Jack
13) Sweet Bonanza
14) Ludo
15) Teen patti 20-20
16) Best of five
17) Bingo
18) Andar Bahar go
19) Fruit line
20) Pokar
21) Fishing Rush
22) Variation
23) Whot
24) 10 Cards
25) Teen patti
26) 3 Card Pokar

5) How can we recharge Rummy ARES APK to play the game ?

To recharge inside Rummy Ares, first you have to click on the Shop button.
As soon as you click on the shop button, a page will open in front of you.
In which you will see different shopping amounts, from here you can take as much amount as you want to play the game as per your budget.
If you are shopping here for the first time and there is an offer going on here,
then you will be given different offers and cashback according to your amount.
There is also a Records option in the bottom corner. By clicking on which you can also see the record of your recharge.

6) How Can we win Money by playing games inside Teen patti ?

3) Dragon vs Tiger

There are two main sides in the Dragon vs Tiger game.
And there is Tai in the middle,
on one side there is a dragon and on the other side there is a tiger and in between you get 15 seconds to play the game.
Here you have to choose one of the two sides and whichever side you choose becomes the winner and your prediction is proved to be absolutely correct,
then you will get double the amount you invested in return.

2) Car Roulette

There are different brands of cars in the Car Roulette game.
We bet money on the people of the car according to the running pattern of the game.
There are total eight cars in the game.
Out of which we get 20 times the amount in return on 4 cars and five times the amount in return on the remaining 4 cars.
So here you can earn good amount of winning chips by using your skill talent and intelligence.

3) Mines

There are 25 boxes inside the mines game. Inside this game we have to extract gold coins.
And the box containing the bomb is to be ignored.
The more gold coins you open by placing the bomb,the more winnings you will earn. In Mines game,
you can play it in different ways by setting the boundaries of different boxes,
for this it is very important to have skill, talent and intelligence.

4) Zoo Roulette

The Zoo Roulette game in Rummy Ares has a total of 8 boxes containing people from different creatures and a special box containing 24X of Sark.
The winning numbers inside the remaining eight different boxes containing copies of different animals are 6 8 12.
If you choose the special box containing the shark and the box containing the shark turns out to be the winner,
you get up to 24x the winning returns.

5) Crash

Crash game is a rocket game inside it the rocket goes up inside the graph you can also set your conditions here.
When you start playing here you have to get the amount of spins you put before the rocket crashes.
So you get double the return of the amount you withdraw.
If you did not do this and your rocket went upward.
And if the rocket crashes before you can withdraw your money, your money will also be lost.

6) Ludo

Ludo in Rummy Ares is a very popular Indian game.
You will get different amounts of tables and different types of games to play Ludo in Rummy Ares.
Here you can also select the player according to your zodiac sign.
And inside Ludo, you can play quick Ludo and long Ludo matches,
from here you can easily withdraw whatever you win by playing Ludo.

7) Way to earn by referring inside teen patti?

First of all you have to click on the share button given below, here you will get ₹ 50 for one referral.

For each referral you will get ₹50 as bonus.If the recharge of your referral is above ₹1000 then he becomes a valid player.
To make referrals you can also make referrals through WhatsApp Facebook Instagram and other social media.To refer, you will get the option of Agent Refer and Earn in the bottom corner, click on it, the Refer and Earn page will open.

  • 1) Bonus
  • 2) Sports Bonus
  • 3) Rank
  • 4) My bonus
  • 5) Bonus Record

Detailed Points explain

1) Bonus

Whenever you add a new referral. Or you get a bonus every time your friend blows. The Chips Bonus will be deposited directly into your account daily.

2) Sports Bonus

Sports Betting bonus 2% of the total bets of all Subordinates will become your commission.

3) Rank

4) My bonus

5) Bonus Record

When you add a new referral or your friend plays, you get bonus everytime! Chip bonus will be Credited to your account directly everyday.

How to withdraw winning amount from Rummy Ares Application?

To withdraw money from inside the Rummy Ares application,
first you have to click on the withdrawal button visible in the lobby.
Friends, if you click on this button, the chip out option will open in front of you.
Here, whatever be the method, for withdrawal you will have to choose other bank or UPI method.
Later, select the amount you want to withdraw from here and then you can withdraw that amount from here.

Withdrawal Rules

  • 1) withdrawal is applicable any time within 24 hours, and no charges
  • 2) if the bank handle it Smoothly, Credit to the account within 3-5 minutes.
  • 3) Please confirm that the bound withdrawl account information is Correct.
  • 9) How Can we Send a message to Customer support in Teen patti ?

To message customer support in Rummy Ares application there will be an option of 24 Support in the top corner you have to click on that option.
Here you will be given contact numbers to contact customer support.Or give you contact numbers to reach out on their ideal social media platform.
Through which you can take help from the customer care of Rummy Ares and if there is any problem with the game recording, you can tell them.

10) Are there any other game features inside the Rummy Ares application?

  • Spin wheel
  • VIP
  • Safe
  • Notice

11) app settings
There is also a setting option in Rummy Ares. Where you can set music and background sound. And you can also set the language of the game there.

FAQ’S Rummy Ares

Q1:How Much Bonus do you Get in Rummy Ares?

Ans:You will get ₹51 as sign up bonus at Rummy Ares.

Q2:Minimum withdrawal

Ans:The minimum withdrawal you can make in Rummy Ares ranges from ₹100 to ₹10000.

Q3:Rummy Ares Real or fake?

Ans:Rummy Ares is the most trustworthy and payment proof application. It is India’s number one earning application so you can trust it.

Q4:Other best apps Download?

Ans:All 51 bonus rummy app

14) Disclaimer
= This game involves the possibility of financial risk. Please play responsibly and at your own risk.

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