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Teen Patti Master New Version :- Hello friends, how are you all, today I have brought a very important information for you.  Which is very important for you to know because we have brought for you the new latest Teen Patti Master New version rummy game from where you get good bonuses.

new teen Patti apk download

Today we will talk about Taurus Apk New Version, now 3Patti One and 3Patti Vungo have been removed and teen Patti Master New version is available with the help of which you can earn lakhs of rupees.

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so friends, this game Teen Patti Master App has been launched by this taurus company, in which it means that in Taurus cash Apk, you have been given different types of rummy games, the download link of which will be found below, so you can download it from there.  You can download all the games.

Teen Patti App download today

Which Game Available In Taurus App

Yes friends, you will get to see many games inside Taurus cash Apk, where we will tell you only about Rummy game from where you can earn good. If we talk about all the apps, then Teen Patti Master, Teen Patti Gold, Teen Patti Master New version etc.  Patti epic,Slot Meta Casino,YSL slot,Slot mega casino These are some rummy games and some Slot games, you will get their download link below.

  • 1.Teen Patti Master
  • 2.Teen Patti Gold
  • 3.Teen Patti Epic
  • 4.Slot Meta
  • 5.YSL Slot
  • 6.Supr Slot

All the apps listed above are present in Taurus cash app and in this article we will share about Teen Patti Master latest version.

Download Teen Patti Master New Version

new rummy app
  • 1.First of all, you click on the download button.
  • 2.After this install it on your phone.
  • 3.Now create an account with your mobile number.
  • 4. Now you will get an instant bonus of Rs 30.
  • 5.Which you can use in 100% gameplay.

♣ About Teen Patti Master Apk

You all must have heard about this Teen Patti Master New version, because this app is very famous.  So Friends, Teen Patti Master Latest App is a Real Cash Earning App.  New features have also been added to this Apk which you will get to see.  And friends, I will explain to you very well about all these features.  For this you read this article completely.

The size of Teen Patti Master New version App is 76.7 MB.  In this App you will be able to easily Add Cash, Withdraw to play games.  Teen Patti Master Latest App This is a safe application.

Teen Patti Master Mod apk

If you all think that Teen Patti Master new version Latest Apk contains only Teen Patti Game, then you are thinking wrong.  New games are also given to you in Teen Patti Master New version Apk.  From where you will be able to play games easily.  By playing any Apk given in Teen Patti Master Latest Apk, you can earn from Rs 1000 to Rs 20,000 daily in this Teen Patti Master app.

You will also get to see some new options in Teen Patti Master New version Latest Apk.  You will have more fun playing games with this new option.  A total of 27 games are provided in Teen Patti Master Latest Apk.

With many new features in Teen Patti Master New version Apk, you can earn a good amount of money sitting at home.  In this app you will also get features like Daily Bonus, Cards, VIP Gift.

If you want to earn money by playing Teen Patti, Rummy Games and other new games, then Teen Patti Master Application is the perfect Apk for you.  I think you will definitely like this app.In Teen Patti Master New version Apk you get support of 2(two) languages.

  1. Hindi
  2. English

How To Register In 3 Patti Master App ?

So friends, if you want to download this Teen Patti Master New version App, then how to do it?  So I will tell you how to download this app, we have told you step by step in this article, so read it completely.

Teen Patti master mod apk
  1. • If you want to download Teen Patti Master new version game, then click on the Download Button above.
  2. • As soon as you click, you will go to the official website of Teen Patti Master New version game.
  3. •Then you will see 3 Patti Master links open, click on them.
  4. • After that you will start downloading Teen Patti Master New version App.  Then install them immediately.

♣ All Available Inside Teen Patti Master Games

Teen Patti is not the only game in Teen Patti Master new version App.  You will also get new games in this app.  You can earn money by playing them also.  You can earn money by playing any games of Teen Patti Master New version App.  3 A total of 27 games are given in Patti Master New version App.

Teen Patti Master New version

Available All Games In 3 Patti Master App

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Point Rummy
  3. Andar Bahar
  4. Hot Crash
  5. Car Roulette
  6. Jhandi Munda
  7. Dragon Vs Tiger
  8. Explorer Slots
  9. safari Of Wealth
  10.  777 Slots
  11.  Golden India
  12.  Bikini Paradise
  13.  Lets Party
  14.  Red Vs Black
  15.  Cricket Heroes
  16.  7 Up Down
  17.  Horse Racing
  18.  Wingo Lottery
  19.  Baccarat AB
  20.  3 Patti War
  21.  Zandu
  22.  Muflis Teen Patti
  23.  Pot Blind
  24.  Ak47 Teen Patti
  25.  Fishing War
  26.  Candy Party
  27.  IPL

Teen Patti Master App 7 Day Reward

Friends, if you are new users, then this option is given for you.  In this, you can claim bonus for the first 7 days everyday.

Friends, you have to login to this app daily to claim 7 day reward.  Daily Claim can be made inside this game.  The bonus given in this is neither much nor can it be reduced.

How To Refer & Earn In Teen Patti Master App?

In Teen Patti Master New version App you also get the option of Refer & Earn.  You will find this option on the left side of the home page at the bottom corner.
You can get Bonus by inviting any of your friends with the help of Refer & Earn along with Sign Up Bonus in this App.  And if any of your friends add cash in the app, you can also earn 30% bonus.

Refer and earn money from teen patti master apk
  • ➤Then first of all you have to click on Refer & Earn Option on the bottom left side of the home page.
  • ➤ And for referral, copy the link of Teen Patti Master New version game.
  • ➤ After copying the link, share it with your friends, you can share the app in any social media app.
  • ➤If someone downloads the link of Teen Patti Master App game from the shared link, then you get ₹ 100 bonus per invite.
  • ➤ Moreover, whenever your members recharge more than ₹ 1000, they get 30% commission.

How To Add Cash In Master Teen Patti?

If you people want to add money inside this app, then you can do it very easily.  To add friends in these games, you can add a minimum of ₹ 100.  And maximum ₹10,000 more can be added.  And friends, to deposit in the game, you can make payment through any application methods.  Friends, now you can easily add money based on the trick given below.

Add cash teen patti master new version
  • Open Teen Patti Master New version Apk.
  • Now on opening you will get the option of Add Cash on the home page.  Click on it.
  • Now you will get a new page.  Where you click on Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay to add money.
  • Now you have to enter UPI and Pin and click on Add Money.
  • In this way money will be added to your account.


  1. Add ₹300 & Get 15% Bonus
  2. Add 500₹ & Get 20% Bonus
  3. Add 1000₹ & Get 20% Bonus
  4. Add 3000₹ & Get 25% Bonus
  5. Add 5000₹ & Get 30% Bonus
  6. Add 10000₹ & Get 30% Bonus
  7. Add 20000₹ & Get 30% Bonus

How To Withdrawal In Teen Patti Master Apk?

Now you guys must have learned to Refer & Earn and Add Money, I hope.  After that, if you want how to withdraw money?  Let me teach you this.  Teen Patti Master App provides facility to withdraw money from Net Banking, Mobile Banking and Direct Bank account.

You can transfer your money to any platform.  Here you can withdraw payment of at least ₹100.  You will also get the withdrawal option on the home page itself.  To withdraw payment, follow the steps given below.

withdrawal teen patti master apk
  • 3 To make withdrawal in Patti Master New version, click on Withdraw Option at the top of the home page.
  • First of all enter your name and email id.
  • Then enter your bank details.
  • Now enter the withdrawal amount.
  • And now click on Withdraw Button.
  • 3 Minimum Withdrawal in Patti Master App is 100.Rs.

Card Bonus In 3 Patti Master App?

In Teen Patti Master App you also get features like Monthly Card, so that you can earn more money.  These cards are of two types.

  1. Weekly Card
  2. Monthly Card

1. Weekly Card: So friends, what if you do not want to buy Weekly Card?  It costs you Rs.500 to purchase Weekly Card, but you get a total of Rs.660 in Weekly Card.  If you buy this card, you will get Rs.100 immediately.  Validity of Weekly Card is 7 days.  You will get the remaining Rs.560 in 7 days.

  • Get Rs.100 Cash Now
  • Get 80.Rs Cash Every Day

2. Monthly Card: So Friends, what if you do not want to buy Monthly Card?  It costs you Rs.3000 to purchase Monthly Card, but you get a total of Rs.4000 in Monthly Card.  If you buy this card, you will get Rs.1000 immediately.  Validity of Monthly Card is 30 Days.  You will get the remaining Rs.3000 in 30 days.

  • Get Rs.1000 Cash Now
  • Get Rs.100 Cash Every Day

VIP Gift In Teen Patti Master Apk?

Friends, 3 Patti Master App also gives you the feature of VIP Gift.  This option appears before the Refer & Earn option on the bottom left side.

In this option you get 1 to 10 VIP plan.  A total of 10 VIP plans have been given to you to avail VIP Bonus facilities.  You can buy whatever VIP plan you want in your own way.  If you buy VIP plan, you get different benefits.  If you buy VIP plan then you can get Daily Bonus, Weekly Bonus, Monthly Bonus.

Teen Patti Master App FAQ’S

Q1. Which languages are there in Teen Patti Master App?

Ans:- Hindi and English languages are available in this application.

Q2. How to download Teen Patti Master App?

Ans:- If you want to download the application , then you can search from this article or social media app.

Q3. What is the maximum withdrawal in the App?

Ans:- Most withdrawals in the application are Rs.1000.

Q4. What is the minimum withdrawal in Teen Patti Master App?

Ans:- Minimum withdrawal in this app is Rs.100.

Q5. What is the sign up bonus in Teen Patti Master App?

Ans:- Sign up bonus Rs.20 is available in this application.

Q6. Is the app safe?

Ans:- This application is absolutely safe . Which has been 100% verified and launched.

Q6. Are there charges on cash withdrawal in the app ?

Ans:- No, there are no charges on cash withdrawal in this application .


  • HOW TO DOWNLOAD Teen Patti Master App.?
  • HOW TO EARN Teen Patti Master App.?
  • HOW TO LOGIN Teen Patti Master App.?
  • HOW TO ADD CASH Teen Patti Master App.?
  • HOW TO GET EXTRA BONUS Teen Patti Master App.?
  • HOW TO REFER & EARN Teen Patti Master App.?
  • HOW TO WITHDRAW Teen Patti Master App.?
  • HOW TO CUSTOMER SUPPORT Teen Patti Master App.?


Customer care facility is also available.

So that if you ever encounter any difficulty regarding the App , using Customer Care will help you in resolving your difficulty by reporting your difficulty to Customer Care.

Note :- Teen Master App Game involves financial risk. This game can be addictive. Please play responsibly. Only 18+


So friends, today we shared a little information with you, this little information was about a new app. The name of this app was Teen Patti Master New version. We hope you liked this information. Today we will know how this 3 Patti Master App works, how to download the app ? What are the benefits of this app ?

We hope that you have understood the information of this App. We hope that you guys liked this article.

We often keep bringing information about new Teen Patti and Rummy Games on this website. And friends, if you like to know about new games, then friends visit our article daily. So that you people keep getting information related to the latest games. Thank you very much to all of you for reading our article till the end.

Thank you all for reading our Article to the end.

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