Bappa Rummy APK Download | Bonus ₹50

Friends with this Bappa Rummy APK you are going to earn lakhs of rupees. Friends this is a very good application. In this app you can get signup bonus ranging from ₹50 to ₹1000. Friends, with this app you can earn money like water. Because friends, in this app you are going to get many programs from which you can earn maximum money. Like friends if you add your money in it then you get some bonus. And the program of Refer and Earn is also in this application.(CONVERT INTO HAPPY TEEN PATTI)

Rummy Bappa app link you will find below how you can download this app. If you want to earn lots of money from this Rummy Bappa app. So you have to read this article completely so that you will understand everything.

how to download bappa rummy app

If friends you have already visited our website. So you will know how to download all apps. If you do not know, then we tell you once again. How can you download this application. For this you have to follow the steps given below.

  • Step :- Click on the download button.
  • Step :- On clicking, you will reach the official site of Bappa Rummy App Download.
  • Step :- You will get another download button. Click on that.
  • Step :- Now your Rummy Bappa will start downloading in your Chrome browser.
  • Step : – Then you can install it.

How to create account in Bappa Rummy App

how to download bappa rummy app
how to download bappa rummy app

Follow the steps given below to create an account in the Bappa Rummy app.

  1. Click on the Download button.
  2. and open this apk.
  3. As soon as you open the APK, two options Mobile Number and Guest Account will appear in front of you.
  4. If you register your account with guest account then you have to create account by going to game account and entering your mobile number.
  5. If you already register your account with mobile number then you don’t need to enter mobile number again.
  6. If you have created your account with guest account.
  7. Now you have to click on the button of your profile once again.
  8. Enter your mobile number and an OTP there.
  9. Your Rummy Bappa App account is now created.

How to add money in bappa rummy

If friends, you are thinking of earning maximum money from this application. So friends, you can earn more money by investing your money in this application. If you want to play games. Just like in Dragon Vs Tiger or any other game, you can win money by placing money there. And friends, in this article you are also going to get the trick of a game. Which will make it easier for you to play the game. And you can earn more than ₹500 per day. Follow the below steps to add your money in this app. Then you can easily add your money.

bappa rummy
How to add money
  • Open the Bappa Rummy app.
  • And click on the Store button.
  • Now you have to choose the amount. How much do you have to add to your game account.
  • You can add your own money to it as per your wish.
  • Once you click on the amount, you will be redirected to your Chrome browser.
  • You can also pay with Phone Pe, Google Pay and Paytm.
  • Pay the amount you choose to your game account through any of your net banking.
  • As soon as you pay in it, that money will be added to your game account.

New User Special Offer [Add Cash Offer] 24 hours only in Bapp Rummy

Friends there is a very good future for you in this application. Like friends, I told you that if you add your money to it automatically, then you definitely get some benefit. If friends you have not downloaded this app yet. You download this app from our link. So you will get extra profit. If you are very new user in this app. And you add your money to it. So you will get some extra money. You can see the screenshot below or you will find above the screenshot of the extra money you will get. How much money will you get and how much money will you add.

There are many such games in Rummy Bappa by playing which we can earn money.

Friends, you will get total 12 games in this app. You can earn money by playing live. In this app you will find some casino games and multiplayer games. And friends together you can also play slots games. If friends you are interested to play Teen Patti or Rummy game then now you can play that game yourself. You will find the list of all the games below.

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Rummy
  3. dragon vs tiger
  4. 7 up down
  5. Jandi Munda
  6. Teen Patti War
  7. Baccarat AB
  8. spring inside
  9. car roulette
  10. red vs black
  11. Ludo
  12. slots

Lucky Wheel in Rummy Bappa

In this future also you are going to benefit from advertising matters. In this future, whether you are an old player or a new player, it will be necessary to get benefit from both. But friends, you will get this benefit only once. The name of this future is Lucky Wheel. This feature is available in some applications and not in some applications.

Lucky Wheel Bappa Rummy

Friends if you do ₹ 300 add case in this app. So you will get one free spin. You will get some amount in that round. There are many bonuses in this, friends. Which you will get for ₹ 300 spin. You can see the screenshot of how much reward you will get in that speed above this paragraph. Inside which you will know everything that how much money we will get. And friends, in this way you can do it 6 times. If you add ₹300 once and once again add ₹300 then you will definitely get spin.

What’s in this Coupons in Bapa Rummy APK

Friends, you have to invest money in this and you get money. But you will not get much benefit in this. In this future you will get two coupons. Guys, this is a VIP player card. Similarly, you will get it in this also. You can see above the screen shot of what you will get in it.

10 Day Open Server Carnival at Bappa Rummy

Friends, in this future you can earn the most money. With this future you can earn from ₹1000 to ₹2000 in 7 days. How you have to do it and how much money you will get, I am going to tell you everything in this paragraph. First of all let’s talk about how you will get this open server carnival in it.

  • Open Rummy Bappa APK.
  • As soon as you open it, three piggy banks will open in front of you.
  • You click on the piggy bank.
  • You will get the amount as soon as you click.
  • In that piggy bank you can get any amount like ₹477

If friends you have got ₹ 477. Now you will find its different future below, click on it. You will see rotation in it. You can also check the screenshot of how much amount you will get on that day. Now we tell you how you can earn money in it. You will get this offer for 7 days. If you open this game daily then you will get ₹ 100 daily. In this way you got a profit of ₹ 700 within 7 days.

Now if you memorize ₹ 100 daily in this app in 7 days then you will get ₹ 100 separately. In this way your 7 days profit becomes ₹ 1400. And if you play Teen Patti game 20 times daily. So you will get ₹100. In this way, this ₹ 100 becomes ₹ 700 in a day if we stay with you. So friends, in this way your total profit of ₹ 100 also becomes within 7 days. Friends, you can earn a lot of money from this future. So go ahead and download this Rummy Baba APK in your mobile phones and start earning money.


Rummy Meetha Apk Download | Bonus ₹41

Game 3F Rummy Apk Download | Bonus ₹55

How to play Baccarat AB game in Rummy Bappa

If you also want to earn money from Baccarat Ab game. So you can earn from this app that too by playing this Baccarat Ab game. In this paragraph I am going to tell you the most amazing trick of this game. So first of all you have to open this game, as soon as you open it you have to open Baccarat Ab Game. But friends, to play this game, you should have at least ₹ 3000 or ₹ 4000 in your game account. You can easily earn money by playing this Mayhem game.

  • Bat :- ₹10
  • Bat :- ₹30
  • Bat :- ₹70
  • Bat :- ₹150
  • Bat :- ₹350

Like you play dragon vs tiger game. That’s the right way to play this game. But in Dragon vs Tiger you only have to bet on one box. You can also bet on 6 or 7 places in this game. On opening the game you will get 2 boxes above. And you will find 8 boxes at the bottom. Now you have to put ₹ 10 inside according to the bat. If you lose ₹10, you have to put in ₹30 again. Similarly if you select out. So you have to invest in this way. Friends, if you want us to invest money in 5 or 4 places.

So friends you can invest money. How much money will we get if you want to put money in the bottom 8 boxes. So friends for that you can see our screenshot above. There we have told you everything. Friends, if you keep money at any place below and it comes, then you will get 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, 5 times, 15 times money. So friends you can play this game and earn money by using this trick.

How to earn money by referring bapa rummy apk

  • Download Bapa Rummy APK and Open it.
  • Create your account now.
  • Now Click on Refer & Earn Button.
  • From there copy your referral link and paste it on your notepad.
How to earn money by referring bapa rummy apk
How to earn money by referring bapa rummy apk

Friends, this Rummy Bapa’s Refer & Earn is a bit different. If you refer in this, then you will not get money in this. In this you will get money only when you have shared with someone. And he will download from your link and recharge in that and when he play game you will get commission. Friends, you can refer this app to many places and easily earn ₹ 10,000 or ₹ 15,000 per month.

bappa rummy payment proof

bappa rummy payment proof
bappa rummy payment proof

If guys you are worried whether this app will pay us or not. So friends, I have earned a lot of money from this app and I have also transferred that money to my bank account. Friends, if you are not sure whether it will give payment or not, then you can also see the screenshot of the payment proof of our application. Friends we earn ₹ 10000 daily from all these apps. That’s why we also give you a chance that you too can earn money from all these apps.

How to withdraw money in Rummy Bappa

Friends, it is very easy to take money in your bank in this application.
We have given you some steps below, follow them and you can take all the money of Islamic Bappa in your bank account.

  • Download and open the game and create your account.
  • Now click on the Withdraw button.
  • Now enter your bank account details.
  • Now enter the amount you want to take in your bank account and friends you can take minimum hundred rupees in your bank account.
  • Friends, as soon as you enter the amount, click on the Withdraw button.
  • You will get your money in your bank account within 15 to 20 minutes.


Friends, if you still do not believe in Bapa Rummy. That it’s not just your cheating. So friends, let me tell you that this application is absolutely safe and reliable application. Friends, in this paragraph I have given you the complete details of Rummy Bapa APK. Friends, if you face any problem now, then you must tell us by commenting below, we will definitely answer you. And friends do not misuse this application just to earn your money. Otherwise your ID can also be blocked.

Disclaimer :- This app involves elements of financial risk, so if you want to use this app, do it with caution and at your own risk. Thank you

FAQ Bapa Rummy APK

Q.1 :- Is this application fraud?
A :- No.

Q.2 :- How much money can we earn daily from this app?
A :- More than ₹15000.

Q.3 :- How much money can we take in our bank account?
A :- ₹100.

Q.4 :- Does this application have customer service?
A :- Yes.

Q.5 :- Tell me how much is the signup bonus in this application?
A :- ₹50.

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