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Brilliant Slots ( Convert into slots meta ) :- Friends, another new application has been launched in the market, friends, the name of this application is Brilliant Slots, friends, this application is similar to Same to Same Teen Patti Master and Teen Patti Gold. In this application you will get many types of futures. With this you can earn money from this application. This is a casino application. Friends, you will also enjoy earning money in this application because in this application you will get more and more programs.

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You can also take your won money instantly inside your bank account. And in this you can play many types of games etc. In this app you will also get dragon vs tiger game. And friends, not only this, in this application you will get daily extra bonus which you get within 7 days.

  If you add some of your money in this application, then you will get extra money in that too. So in this article I am going to give you complete information about Brilliant Slots. Be sure to read this article of ours completely.

How to download Brilliant Slots App

Friends, downloading this application is very easy. If you want to earn money from this application now then you must download this application. Click on our popup download button above to download. By clicking, the official page of this application will open in front of you. And friends, how to install this application in your mobile phone, see our steps below.

  • Click on the Download button.
  • As soon as you click, the official page of this application will open in front of you.
  • You have to click on the Install button there.
  • Then your file of this application will come in the download file of your Chrome browser.
  • From there you can install this application on your mobile phone.

Brilliant Slots App 2023 How do we create our account

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If friends you have downloaded this application then now you have to create your account in it. Some of you must have come to know how to create your account in this application. And some people may not know how to create an account. Friends, it is very easy to create your account in the application. If you do not know, then you follow some simple steps below. Register your account in this application.

  1. Step :- Download the application and install it on your mobile phone and open it.
  2. Step :- Now you will get three options. You can create an account directly with your mobile number. You can also create an account with your Facebook account. Friends, the last one is the guest account, in which if you click, you will directly enter inside the game.
  3. Step :- If you have clicked on guest account then you have to open the game. You have to click on your profile button, there you have to enter your mobile number.
  4. Step :- Friends, as soon as you do this, an account of your Brilliant Slots Apk has been created.

How do we add our money in this Brilliant Slots Apk

If friends, you have now downloaded Brilliant Slots Apk and have also created your account in it. Some now go that we too have earned lakhs of rupees from this application. Friends, you will know that we can add our money in many applications and friends, you can add your money in this application as well. You will also know that to earn more money, we have to invest our own money. are also read. If you have to play dragon vs tiger game and you have to earn money from it. So friends you have to add your money inside this application otherwise you will not be able to play games etc.

I have given below the information of how you will add your money, so read it completely and add your money in this application.

  • Open the application.
  • Click on the Add Cash button.
  • You will see some amount like ₹100 or ₹200 or ₹300.
  • Choose the amount of money you want to add to your game account.
  • As soon as you select on the amount, you will be redirected to any of your bank account or you will be redirected to any of your Paytm account.
  • Pay the same amount from your Paytm account as you had selected in your game account.
  • Friends, within 1 or 2 seconds, your money will be added inside the game.

First Recharge Gift In Brilliant Slots App

If friends you have just downloaded this application just chill. So you can take advantage of this offer. Because friends if you do first recharge in this application then you will get some discount. Meaning that if you add ₹ 1000 to it, then you will definitely get an extra ₹ 50 or ₹ 100 with it. But friends, this offer will be available only to those people who will download this application now. Those who are old players will not get this offer.

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How much money will you add and how much money will you get. You are eager to know. So keep a little prepared, you will come to know that too. So friends I told you in the beginning also that this application is same as Teen Patti Master and Teen Patti Gold. To download these two applications, you can download Teen Patti Master APK by visiting the official page of this Teen Patti Master by clicking on its download button. In Teen Patti Master also you will get unique unique futures like this.

  You can check the screen shot of how much bonus you will get on adding to Brilliant Slots above our paragraph.


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What is Lucky Spin in Brilliant Slots

Friends, this is also a unique future of this application. If you add your money in this application then you will also get some extra bonus. If you add your money in this application daily then you will get extra reward in this application daily also but friends if you add ₹ 300 in this application only then you will get the benefit of this future. Is that what you see in the paragraph below?

Friends this is a lucky spin offer. If you add ₹300 to this application, you will get one spin. I will get you some amount, below you can see the screenshot of that. If you place a spin of ₹300, you will get anything from that. And friends, also remember that if you add ₹ 300 once a day, you will get this spin only once. If you want to spin for the second time, then you will have to add ₹ 300 once again on the second day. Only then can you spin once again.

What is this Brilliant Slots Novice Task

In Brilliant Slots Apk you will get a lot of futures like this. Friends, by now you must have come to know that this application is giving us the opportunity to earn a lot of money. So friends, you should also not forget, so go quickly and download this application. Friends, this offer is brand new and accurate. Many people would not know about this future.

Friends, you will get this future only and only in this Brilliant Slots. You do not know what will come in this. So you can see our screenshot of this app. Friends, you can earn money from this future also.

Daily Rewards In Slots Brilliant

Friends, in this future, you will get free extra for 7 days, it does not mean that you will get daily reward. Friends, you will get two types of rewards in this. One will be free and one will be VIP player. You will get bonus in the free one as well and you will get bonus in the one which is VIP player. Friends, you will get the reward in 7 days in the free reward. You will get some money between ₹5 to ₹10 daily. When your seventh day comes from you, you will get ₹ 120 in full.

Friends who is a VIP player. In that also you will get reward for 7 days. You will get that only when you purchase VIP player. You can also see the above screenshot of the free reward you will get for 7 days.

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Brilliant Slots Refer And Earn

Slots Brilliant You can earn lakhs of rupees in a month through refer and earn. Friends, you will also get the program of Refer and Earn in this application. If friends, you also want to earn lakhs of rupees by referring this application. So download this application and create your account. You will get a bonus of ₹66 as soon as you create an account. Friends, how will you refer inside this application, I will also tell you in this paragraph.

  • Open the application.
  • Click on the Refer & Earn button.
  • Copy your referral link and paste it somewhere.
  • Now you can share your referral link anywhere.

The refer and earn program of this application is same as Same to Same Teen Patti Master. If you make a refer in this application. So you will get ₹ 20 and also 30% commission. You can share this application on any of your social media platforms. If you refer 10 or 20 daily. You can earn a lot of money daily.

  It is very easy to refer in this application. You can also share this application on your whatsapp. Or you can also share your referral link by putting a post in your Facebook account. Or you can also refer inside this application by creating a website of your own. And friends, you can also refer to this application by putting videos on YouTube. So you are reading this article of ours, then we are referring through the website.

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How do we get our money in our bank account in Brilliant Slots Apk

  • Download and open the application.
  • Create your account.
  • Now you will get a case out button near your amount at the top of that.
  • You can take minimum ₹ 100 in your bank account.
  • First enter your bank account details.
  • Enter the amount you want to take into your bank account.
  • Within 1 or 2 hours you will get your money inside your bank account.


Brilliant Slots Friends is a great application. Friends, this application is just like the slots game. Inside this application, you will also find more and more programs, then our entire paragraph will be bigger, meaning that if you have read this article of ours from beginning to end. You can earn money essential from this application. If you guys have any problem inside this application. Then you must tell us by commenting below. So that we can help you.

WARNING :- This application contains elements of financial risk. Please play at your own risk. If you add your money in this application and you lose your money. You will not be responsible for this. Play this application on your own Ricks only. And avoid adding your money. The application should be played only and only by people of 18+ years of age. Thank you

FAQ’S Brilliant Slots App

Q.1 :- How much is the sign up bonus in this application?
A :- ₹66.

Q.2 :- Is this application legal?
A :- Yes.

Q.3 :- We can take our money in our bank account? and how much money
A :-Yes, ₹100

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