Taurus Cash App Download | Taurus Apk Download | Bonus ₹20

So friends, once again I have brought a Taurus Cash App for you. This app is very old and yes friends, this application gives the fastest Withdraw. This application is also available on Play Store. Means friends 100% trusted. You will find few programs in this application but it is the most powerful app. Sing Up Bonus of ₹ 20 is available in this application. This is an Affiliate Marketing Application. You can also call this application as Refer and Earn App.

About Taurus Cash App

  • App Name :- Taurus Cash
  • Published :- Today
  • Version:- 1.1.0
  • Download :- Clic ink here

How To Download Taurus App

To download this application dabaiye the red color download button above. And download this application. Or you can also download Taurus Vungo by clicking on Click here button.

How To Create Account In Taurus Cash App

After downloading Taurus Apk, now you have to create an account inside it, then follow the steps below.

How To Create Account In Taurus Cash App
Create Account
  1. Download Taurus Cash App.
  2. Then open it.
  3. Now enter your number. And put OTP.
  4. Now your Taurus Login is done.

Taurus Cash App Teen Patti Gold Task

Friends, I am going to tell you Taurus App Detail carefully. If you also want to earn money from this application, then read the entire article completely. Friends, as soon as you download and open this application, you will see 3 apps. Teen Patti Gold, Teen Patti Master, and taurus Mod Apk, so you have to first click on Teen Patti Gold. The remaining 2 Tasks will be locked.

As soon as you click on Teen Patti Gold, you will get full 22 tasks. Out of that, you can complete 3 tasks daily. If you complete the first task you will get ₹ 2, on completing the second task you will get ₹ 3, and on completing the third task you will get ₹ 3 again. In this way, if you complete more tasks, you will get even more money. If you complete this task daily then you will get ₹ 7 daily.

Taurus Cash Invention Commission

Friends, this app is an Affiliate Marketing. You can earn a lot of money in a month by referring from this application. If you refer then how you will get money, you can see in the below paragraph. I will tell you how much commission you will get in this paragraph. If friends, you share this application to any of your friends. And they also share this application with their friends, then you will get commision.

Invention Commission

Which commission will you get, you can see the list below.
Invention, Recharge, Affiliate, Friends, you will get these three commissions. You can earn a lot of money from this application.


Teen Patti Guild APK | New Teen Patti App | Bonus ₹41

Refer And Earn Taurus App Review

Friends, now let’s talk about how much money you will get, how much commission you will get by referring this application of Refer and Earn, you will know all that in this paragraph. If you refer 1 then you will get ₹ 20, if you refer 10 daily then you will get full ₹ 200 as soon as you login this Taurus. If you have referred someone and he also refers someone, then you will get his commission. You will get 30% commission. So friends, in this way you can earn lakhs of rupees per month by downloading Taurus Cash App.

What’s The Purpose Of Division In Taurus Apk

In this application you will get some level ko ko sa level hai. And as your level increases, your commission will also increase. You will get 6 levels and how much % commission you will get. You can see all that in the box below.

Bronze₹206.8600 %25 %
Silver ₹207.7175 %25%
Gold ₹208.5750 %25 %
Platinum ₹209.4325 %25 %
Dimond₹2010.2900 %25 %
King₹2030.0000 %25 %

What’s Gullak In Taurus App

Friends, if you have downloaded Taurus Cash Old Version and you have not yet received Gullak, then go to the Play Store and update the Taurus app. Only then will you get this Gullak option. From this program you will get ₹ 10 in an hour daily. In this way if you use this application even for 10 hours then you will earn ₹ 100 daily. Friends, you will get this program only in Taurus Daily Task & Cash.

How To Withdraw Money Taurus Cash App

Follow some steps to withdraw which you will find below. In this application you can earn minimum ₹1000

Withdraw Money
  • Withdraw can be applied.
  • First download the application.
  • Then open it. And click on the withdraw button.
  • Now you can take in your UPI ID or Bank Account.
  • You will get money within 1 second.

Taurus Cash Contact Number

If you face any problem in this application, then you can contact with the number below.
Taurus Cash Contact Number :- +91 9831650913


You must have enjoyed reading this article. Because I have told you so easily that how you can earn money from Taurus cash. If you still do not understand anything, then you can also ask by commenting. And yes friends, this application contains elements of circular risk, play on your own responsibility. Only people of 18+ age can play this application.


Q.1 :- How much bonus will be available in Taurus cash App?
A :- ₹30

Q.2 :- What is the Withdraw Amount in Taurus Apk?
A :- ₹1000

Q.3 :- Is this application safe?
A :- yes 101%

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