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Game 3F Rummy :-Friends if you are looking for an application. Game 3F Rummy I have come up with this new rummy app. Like all apps, this is also a great and reliable application. If friends you want to know about Anil’s new application. So keep visiting our website daily. You will find new such rummy apps everyday. Friends this is a new rummy app. You are going to get many types of programs in this app. In this article, we are going to give you complete information about this application, so that you too can earn money from this application.( CONVERT INTO GOLD 63 )

How to download the game 3F Rummy app and how to earn money in your own way, you will find answers to all those questions in this article. And friends, in this article you will know further that how we can earn money by playing Dragon Vs Tiger game.

How to Download Game 3F Rummy App

Like friends, you download all the applications, similarly you have to download this Game 3F as well. Friends, downloading this apk is quite easy. You will see a download button above, you have to click on it. As soon as you click, something will open in front of you, see step by step about it below.

  • Click on the Download button.
  • On clicking, an official page will open in front of you.
  • There you will see another download button, click on that as well.
  • As soon as you click, this apk will start downloading in your chrome browser in your notification.
  • Then you can install this apk in your mobile phone from your chrome browser.

How do we create our account in Game 3F Rummy

Like friends, you must have seen the process of downloading, in the same way it is very easy to create an account. In this app you have to create your account in the same way as others create their account. You have to enter the mobile number, and you have to enter one of your passwords, you have to enter the OTP. Just your account will be created. And below you can also see the steps. In this way you will create your account in this Game 3F Rummy App 2023.

  • Download the Game 3F Rummy App.
  • Now open the apk.
  • You will get two options. Mobile Number and Guest Account.
  • If you create your account with guest account.
  • After that you will have to click on the profile button in your game account later.
  • There you have to register in this application by entering your mobile number and OTP.
  • Now your account of this app has been created.

how to add money to game 3F

  • Download this app.
  • Create your account.
  • Now click on Addcash button.
  • You have to select some amount.
  • You can see a screenshot above.
  • After selecting the amount, select UPI once again.
  • You pay from your bank account the amount you like in your game account.
  • Your money will be added to your account within 5 minutes.

What games are available in Game 3F

You will not find much games in this apk. But friends have another advantage. In this you will get less games but friends can play the game from ₹ 0.5 also. This is a great future of this application. You cannot play games like this in any other apk. You will also get the program of Game 3F Rummy Refer And Earn. In this app you can only play games together. You can see their list below.

  1. Teen Patti
  2. dragon vs tiger
  3. lucky spin
  4. ×10 Teen Patti Vaar
  5. spring inside
  6. Accident
  7. Teen Patti War

7 days reward in game 3F Rummy

In this app also you get 7 days reward. And if you have read our article on Teen Patti Master, then you get 7 days reward for that too. Friends, both the applications are very good and best applications. You can earn a lot of money from both the apps. You can see below the screenshot of how much bonus you will get in this app within 7 days. In such a situation, you will keep getting money.

You will also find this future in Teen Patti Master and Teen Patti Gold. You can also click on these to go to that article and download that app. Friends, when you keep reading this article further, then you will know everything. Which application is best for us? And friends, we will write a new article for you daily and we will bring a new app in it. So that you too can earn from all these apps.

How to play the game 3F Rummy Dragon vs Tiger

Friends if you want to play dragon vs tiger game in this app. And want to earn ₹1000 or ₹2000 daily in this application. So I will tell you everything in this paragraph. In this way you can play dragon vs tiger game. First see how you didn’t get the money.

  • Bat :- ₹10
  • Bat :- ₹30
  • Bat :- ₹70
  • Bat :- ₹150
  • Bat :- ₹350
  • Bat :- ₹750

But friends, to play this game, you must have at least ₹ 3000 in your game account. Mayhem can now earn money from this game. You need to have a backup amount of 7 level friends to play the game. So that you do not suffer much loss and you can win more with less amount. See below how you fared.

  • Download the game and create and open your account.
  • Recharge ₹3000 to your game account.
  • Now open the Dragon Vs Tiger game.
  • You will get three boxes Dragon, Tiger and Ty
  • Can put money on any of your boxes.

Now friends, first of all you have to spend ₹ 10 on Dragon. If you bet ₹10 and you win. So you have to bet ₹10 on Dragon again. And friends once again win you over. So you have to bet ₹10 once on Again Dragon. Next time you bet ₹10 on Dragon and you lose ₹10. So you have to invest 3 times that amount. Now you have to bet ₹30 on Dragon. You bet ₹30 on Dragon and win. So you have to play the game again from ₹10 only. Now friends you must have understood that how we can earn money by playing this game.

Similarly friends you can play any game. Dragon Vs Tiger, 7 Up Down, Andar Bahar, friends you can use this trick to play all these games. And friends, you do not need to play most of the games, otherwise your money can be lost. When you add ₹3000 to the game. When you win ₹100. That’s why you have to stop playing the game. And then later you have to play once again after 1 hour. In this way if you play for 5 hours then your daily profit of ₹ 500 will be easily done.

And you can earn ₹15000 in a month. And just friends by playing this game. Game 3F Rummy is a program of Refer And Earn friends, you can earn more by playing this game. And friends Refer & Varun’s system is excellent and first class. You will know further and further, just read this article of ours from beginning to end.


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Game 3F Rummy Earn ₹1000 in the Bank What’s this

Friends from this future you can earn ₹ 1000 within 1 day. This is a very good future for you guys. You don’t have to do anything. Download this apk and create your account. In that side you will see a button like ₹ 1000. Click on that. Now you will get three cards. Inside which you will get a scratch card worth ₹ 1000 in total. Then you will get three rounds. And in that you will get some amount, friends. If you do one spin you will get ₹0.1.

In this case, if you complete ₹ 1000 by referring your friends. So you can also take this money in your bank account. And friends, you will get this money immediately in your bank account. Have a great future guys. Friends if you create 10 account in this app. So you will get this future within 10 accounts. And if you complete this offer in 10 accounts. So your 1 day earning will be ₹ 10000. So you can earn your money even by doing this.

take ₹1000 and withdraw from bank account, what is this also

In Game 3F Rummy APK you will keep getting such unlimited friends in future. You can also earn ₹1000 from this future
But for this you have to complete some tasks. If you complete the task then you will get ₹1000. You can check below.

If you are not getting the task given below, then you can also see through the screenshot. That is our Screenshot, you will know everything that how we can get ₹ 1000 for free. Like you saw in Spinwale, similarly you are going to get a profit of ₹ 1000 in this too.

Earn Money By Referring Game 3F Rummy

Your favorite future has arrived. In this app you can earn money by referring. In this paragraph I will tell you how you can earn money by referring.

  • Download and open the application.
  • Create your account.
  • Now Click on Refer & Earn Button.
  • There you will get the option of copy link.
  • Copy and paste your referral link somewhere.

Now friends, share your referral link somewhere. And everyone download this Game 3F Rummy App from your link. And he plays the game by putting his money in this app. then you will get his 2% commission

Where do we refer? Friends, referring in this app is a very easy task. You can also share the referral link of this apk with your friends. You can also share your referral link on Facebook. Or you can create your own group on your WhatsApp or put your link on your status. If you refer like this. So your minimum 100 or 200 referrals will be done easily.

How to withdraw money in game 3F Rummy

  1. Download and open the application and create your account.
  2. Now you will first find the case out button above.
  3. Click there and enter your bank account details.
  4. Entering bank account details correctly.
  5. Now you can take minimum ₹100 in your bank account.
  6. Enter the amount you want to have in your bank account.
  7. And click on the Cash Out button.
  8. You will get the payment in 10-15 minutes.

Game 3F Rummy APK Payment Proof

Friends, you can see the payment proof of this application of ours. Which we have earned by referring in this app and playing dragon vs tiger game. And when we transferred to our bank account, we got our payment within 10 minutes. And friends, you can see that we have paid not once but three to four times. You can also see the screenshot of our payment proof of this application above.


From downloading the game 3F Rummy App to how to receive the payment in your bank account. In this article we have given you all the information. So friends, now you must have understood how reliable this application is. So go guys quickly download this application and start earning money. If you face any problem in this application, then you must tell us by commenting below, we will definitely reply you within 24 hours.

Note :- This article is made for education purpose only, the app described in this article involves elements of financial risk, so if you want to use this app, do it with caution and at your own risk. Thank you

FAQ Game 3F Rummy

Q.1 :- How much is the Saina Bonus in this application?
A :- ₹ 55.

Q.2 :- How much money can we take in our bank account in this application?
A :- ₹100.

Q.3 :- Does this application give payment?
A :- Yes.

Q.4 :- Is this application legal and safe?
A :- Yes.

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