Teen Patti Friend Apk Download | Get ₹41

Once again friends, we have brought Teen Patti Friend Apk for you. In this app you will get signup bonus of ₹41. If friends you were searching for a new and awesome Teen Patti app. So friends you do not need to go anywhere. Because we have come up with a new Teen Patti app for you. Inside this app you will get lots of futures. If you want to earn money by playing games then you can earn from this app.

And friends, you can also earn money inside this application by inviting your friends. If you want to know more about this application. So you must read this article of ours from beginning to end. And friends, in this app you are also going to get a chance to earn money for free. In this app you are also going to get futures through which you can earn money for free also inside this application. And friends, you can also transfer your won money to your bank account immediately.

About Teen Patti Friend Apk

  • App Name :- Teen Patti Friend
  • Bonus :- ₹41
  • Withdraw :- ₹100
  • Download :- Click Here

How to create account in Teen Patti Friend Apk

  • Download the application.
  • In this app, you can create your account in 2 ways.
  • From Facebook account or mobile number account.
  • Now enter your mobile account number to create an account with your mobile number.
  • Then enter your strong password.
  • An OTP will come in the number you have entered, enter that OTP as well.
  • Now your 3 Patti Friend App account has been created.

Add Money In Teen Patti Friend Apk

If friends you want to earn lots of money from this app. If you want to earn ₹ 1000 or ₹ 2000 daily from this app. So you have to add your own money in this app. Means if friends you want us to earn money by playing any game. So friends for that you have to add your money in this app.

In this you will get signup bonus, you cannot play any game with that signup bonus. That’s why friends, you will have to add your money to this app to play Dragon Vs Tiger game or any other favorite game. We have told you below the formula of how to add money.

  • Step : – Download teen Patti Friend Apk and open it.
  • Step :- Now click on Addcash button.
  • Step :- Now choose the amount you want to add to your game account.
  • Step :- By clicking on any amount, you will be entered inside any of your bank account.
  • Step :- Pay out the same amount of money that you had selected inside your game account from any of your bank accounts.
  • Step :- Friends, enter the same amount as you liked, if you put less amount or more amount, then that money will not come in your game account.
  • Step :- Friends, in 10 minutes your money will be added inside your game account.

What are the games in Teen Patti Friend

By the way friends, you can also call this game as a multiplayer game. Because inside this app you will get 15 or 20 games, you can easily earn money by playing live. And friends, you can play all the games in a very easy way and earn money. But friends, if you play games in this app, then you can win and you can also lose.

You must know how we play the Dragon Vs Tiger game. And you will also know that we win in that and we lose in that. You will find the list of all the games below.

  • Teen Patti
  • Dragon Tiger
  • car racing
  • Teen Patti War
  • Slots
  • texas hold em cowboy
  • Jandi Munda
  • 7 Up 7 Down
  • Joker
  • Rummy

Teen Patti Friend Available All Futures

(1) Cash Speen

Friends, you must have heard about this one’s future as well. And friends, this future is only for those who do ads. If you also want to take advantage of this future, then you will have to add money inside this application. Friends, if you add ₹ 300 in this app, then you have to do one spin. And within that day you get some reward.


Friends, all of you can take advantage of this offer. But friends, if you add your money to it, then only you will get money in this future, otherwise you will not earn money in it. And yes friends, you do not have to do much ad case in this. Even if you have ₹100, you can make a lot of money from this futures. Friends, you will get three types of cash in this. Daily Cash, Weekly Cash, Monthly Cash


You will get all these three cases only when you buy a VIP of ₹ 100 in it. Meaning that friends, if you add ₹ 100 to it, you will automatically become a VIP player. And you will get all the three cashes. And you can see a screenshot above of the amount you are going to get.

(3) cards

About this offer, almost everyone will know about this offer. Friends, you can earn money in this but it will take some time for you to earn money. And friends, you do not have to take any ricks from this program, you just have to be patient and you will get money. If you have like ₹ 1000 or ₹ 5000, then you can invest in this future. If friends, you invest money in this, then you will get extra of your money in 7 days. In this you have to buy VIP card. You can check yours.

Friends, if you also do not get the VIP card information below, then what will you do. But you do not need to worry, we are going to provide all the information for you. You can also check a screenshot of this and you can understand through that. So friends, this is called the talent of our Indian people. So she cannot explain to you in writing, she can at least explain to you through screenshots. You will also have so much brain inside that you can understand even by looking at the screenshot, then this is a man’s talk, isn’t it?

(4) Sing In

Do you also want to earn money for free? Yes, then this offer is going to be tremendous for you. As you saw the VIP card, you had to invest money in it, but in this future, you do not have to invest even ₹ 1. So this signup bonus future. In which you will continue to get free money for 7 days. We will also tell you how much money you will get. With this future you can earn more than ₹ 200 within 7 days. And that too friends absolutely free.

Days Bonus
1 Day ₹1 – ₹15
2 Day ₹1 – ₹15
3 Day ₹1 – ₹15
4 Day ₹1 – ₹15
5 Day ₹1 – ₹15
6 Day ₹1 – ₹15
7 Day ₹200

(5) Free Cash

  • 1 :- You can withdraw when you activated cash reaches 200
  • 2 :- After your friends play game you will randomly get *0.01-20
  • 3 :– When your friend recharges, you will get 0.1-20

Notice : only inviting new device users in valid

(6) Bonus Gift

Friends, this app gives you a program. If you guys are downloading this application for the first time. And you are adding your money in this application. If you are adding money first time in this application then you will get some extra rewards. You will get +35% Bonus, +50% Bonus, +70% Bonus you will get that much extra % bonus. In this way if friends you add more money. So you will get even more bonus.

And friends keep one thing in mind that if you have old account then you will not get this offer. And friends, you will get this offer only once. So take advantage of this offer as soon as possible. Because this offer can be closed anytime.

Refer And Earn In 3 Patti Friend

  • Download and open the app.
  • Now Click on Refer & Earn Button.
  • From there copy your refer link and paste it somewhere.
  • If you refer one then you will get ₹20. And if your friend plays the game in it then you will get 30% commission.

If you want to earn ₹ 50000 within 1 month. So this future will be absolutely tremendous for you. But friends for that you have to work inside this application. If you work then money will come less, now if you don’t work then you will not be able to earn even ₹ 1. As everyone has this future inside you. By which you can earn money by referring. If you do not know how to play Dragon Vs Tiger game or any other game. And you don’t want to take the risk. So you can earn lakhs of rupees by using this application properly.

Refer And Earn In 3 Patti Friend

You can share your refer link everywhere. If you have a WhatsApp group, you can put its link there. And you can also put your link on your WhatsApp status. If 50 people see your status, then you will get 30 referrals easily. In this way you can also do on Facebook. If you refer 50 daily then you can earn ₹1000 within 1 day.

If you earn ₹ 1000 daily. Then as you keep working, in the same way your money will also increase. If you earn ₹1000 daily then you earn ₹30000 in 1 month. And not only this, you will also get 30% commission. If you work well in this application for 1 month then you can earn. You can easily earn ₹50000 within 1 month just by referring.


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How To Withdraw Money In Our Bank Account

  • Download and open the application.
  • Now click on the Withdraw button at the top.
  • For taking money in your bank account, you will have to first admit ₹ 100.
  • Then you have to enter your bank account details.
  • Now enter the amount you want to take in the bank account.
  • Within 1 hour you will get your money inside your bank account.


If friends we have provided you the information. You have understood everything from Sumer. And you keep searching for new teen patti or rummy app. So you keep visiting our official website. You will keep getting one new app every day. And from that app you can earn money and we will keep you informed. You also share this article with your friends so that they too can earn money from all these apps. And friends add your money carefully inside this application. Your money can also go in this and your money can also come.


Q.1 :- How much is this your Signup Bonus?
A :- ₹41.

Q.2 :- Can we earn money from this application?
A :- Yes.

Q.3 :- There will not be any problem in this app, will it?
A :- Customer service is online 24 hours.

Q.4 :- How much money can be taken in my bank account?
A :- ₹10.

Q.5 :- Is this application safe?
A :- Yes. 100% safe.

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